In a moment of clarity while on a recent worldwide tour, sonic sculptor Chris Lake felt an undeniable urge to refocus his sound and career. “I ended up back in Scotland where I lived for many years with my family, in my mother’s spare room,” he says. “It was like going back to the old me to find the new me. I was feeling that energy again that had been missing.” Looking at Chris’ charmed life, it’s hard to imagine anything lacking. Among Lake’s credits are several Beatport and Billboard chart-toppers, a platinum record, a Grammy nomination, a successful record label, and a Midas touch for supporting emerging talent. Reinvigorated, the compulsive innovator unleashed a stream of funky, ebullient, and majestic club smashes in 2015, including: “Chest”, “Stranger”, “Piano Hand” with Chris Lorenzo, “Stomper” with Anna Lunoe, plus celebrated reworks of SNBRN’s “California”, Jess Gynne’s UK chart-topper ”Hold my Hand”, and of course Calvin Harris & Disciples’ “How Deep Is Your Love”, which currently has 37M plays.

Of the panoramic headspace Lake is presently occupying, the audio architect says, “I’ve been doing a lot of vocal editing, treating my own recordings like samples. I chop them up like I was in the ‘90s. I’ve been quietly letting the music speak for itself but I’ve been hearing people say ‘Chris Lake is back’.” Loyal fans needn’t worry about “Chris Lake 2.0”. “This isn’t a polar shift, this is a more subtle realignment. At the end of the day, it’s just house music to me. It’s the music I believe in. The unique thing I have is my ears and my decision-making. I put all my trust in that when I’m in the studio, that’s what I believe creates my sound.” Not only is Chris Lake back, he’s overflowing with inspiration. “I’ve got enough material to release a record every 4 weeks for the next 18 months”. He pauses, and then impishly whispers, “What drives me forward is innovation and I want to keep pushing my own boundaries. I am as excited as anyone to imagine what I’ll create next.”